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“Take your broken heart turn it into art” -Carrie Fischer

A post-renaissance kinky knitwear designer from the former Medieval capital city of Tallinn. From the year 2017 we have started numbering every sweater Kristel Kuslapuu has knit herself to mark them as unique pieces of art and collectors items. From the year 2018 we have integrated our hand knit designs with our new ready-to-wear line. It consists of machine knit winter necessities like hats, scarves and mittens as well as sewn comfort wear we like to call the afterparty garments. Everything is knitted, sewn and manufactured in Estonia and the Baltics making them into conscious and sustainable fashion. The fabrics are different natural yarns like merino, mohair and cotton.

Knitting is something that  is considered to be a meditative process and something that that is as if given from above. You can go very personal as with embroidery, crochet or knitting you first get the idea in your head it travels through your heart until the hands take over and finish the job. Starting a new collection feels like an art therapy session. Getting inspired by cliches and irony and for the most part self irony. Flirting with sculpturous forms, bold colours and patterns - a full-blown pathological maximalism. There is no longer a need to identify with any gender to feel free, putting a gender to a piece of garment feels like waste of energy that could be put in to better use. Seeing little girls in pink and boys in blue should make people laugh. We believe you are allowed to wear anything you like whether you are a cat or a dog person. We not afraid to use provocative messages that might have various ironic meanings behind them as we love to see how people react to them. The fashion world is changing. We believe in the change and we will go with the change. Don't believe in slow fashion but very slow fashion. Exciting times we live in...